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Everything you can order on this website is produced by us using apples sourced in and around our hometown of Faversham, Kent.

We have been making award-winning cider since 2009 and we love what we do! What started as a small opportunity, has grown into a busy and thriving business.

Over the years we have collected over 25 CAMRA awards and have been featured in both The Times and The Independent’s Top 10 Cider lists on multiple occasions – so we are confident in the quality of our wares and are passionate about continuing to produce high-quality real ciders made in Kent.

There has been a steadily growing interest in Real Cider over recent years and this has meant that the cider market has expanded massively – to offer ciders that everyone will enjoy and love, we use traditional cider-making methods (such as starting with a 100% whole juice apple cider base) but are forward thinking with our flavour combinations, ethics and design.

Our ciders

When you browse our website, you will find a great variety of ciders!

We produce both traditional, still, strong and dry ciders such as Russet as well as sparkling apple ciders, real fruit ciders, experimental trial batch ciders and more.

We also have many seasonal and limited edition offerings and these depend on what local fruit we are able to source at a good price and at the right moment. Popular seasonal offerings have included Strawberry, Damson, Cherry and Apricot. Rhubarb started out as one of our limited edition offerings and has grown to be one our most loved and bestselling ciders.

We want to be sure that people find a Kentish cider that they love, whether that be traditional or one of our more contemporary offerings. Also – handy for some of you to know : our business is vegan owned and run, so our entire range is suitable for Vegan drinkers. As well as this our cider is naturally gluten-free and therefore it is suitable for Coeliac drinkers too.

Where can I drink cider from Kent Cider Co?

Of course, you can order with us online and enjoy our ciders in the comfort of your own home…

But we also make cider to supply to pubs, micropubs, bars, restaurants, farm shops, delicatessens, independent supermarkets and festival bars all over the UK.

As well as this, we absolutely love taking our own cider bar on the road too. You may well have seen Kent Cider Co. at your local farmers market, food and drink festival or at a larger music festival event – from cider-making, to office admin, to bar work : we do it all.

To keep up to date with our latest stockists, upcoming events or special offers – you can sign up to our mailing list and follow us on all of our socials too!

Columbines Wildlife Care

Kent Cider Co. profits help support the work of our wildlife rescue, Columbines Wildlife Care.

With a focus on rescue, rehabilitation and re-wilding, our rescue takes injured wildlife from all over Kent. Every single animal that comes into us gets our very best care, with the focus always being on the best outcome for that individual.

Animals come to us from concerned members of the public, as well as via the local vets and can range from the tiniest of newly hatched birds, to Badgers and Foxes.

Supported by a small but dedicated team of volunteers and fundraisers Columbines Wildlife care aims to never turn away an animal in need.

Want to support our fundraising effort?…

Want to know more?

For any specific enquires, please use our contact form and someone in the office will get back to you as soon as possible!